Grief & Co

Our Story

I have a vivid memory from year 6. I started crying at my desk at school and when asked what was wrong I said “my uncle died”. Shocked, my teacher and peers asked when, to which I responded, “I don’t know, but it’s his anniversary today and my mum is really sad”. It was the 20th anniversary of his passing and for my mum it felt like the 1st.

What can we do for the ones we love when they lose a piece of them in human or pet form? Where can we go when all the lasagne dishes have been returned and everyone’s life goes back to normal, when yours feels like anything but?

So together with my mum and sister we created Grief & Co.


The one good thing about the grief club is that you're not here alone. Actually, that's just as sad isn't it. Look, it's hard to say the right thing about grief. Or do the right thing about grief. It's awkward, and tricky, you know? But that's exactly why we started "Grief & co".  

The one thing we know helps the most is being able to be honest about all of it, the good, bad, ugly and the rest. And in the spirit of honesty, this sucks! If you are here because you joined the really uncool grief club that you can’t unsubscribe from or someone you love has, know that we are here to be honest and ‘fingers crossed’ helpful.

If you're lucky enough to have had loved ones pack your freezer with meals, you'll know that there is still a whole pile of emotional needs that is hard to meet with lasagne (even though pasta helps - a lot).

Sending a bath soap just doesn’t cut it when they are ugly crying all day, and there are so many unknowns. Nothing we say will make it any better, so we've tried to curate a place with some things for that part of the process. Part shop, part library, part community.  

Self-care is bound to be low on the current list of priorities and at times like these, coping is more important. Our selfcare is designed to aid sleep and create a safe space. Our grief resources were created to be honest and helpful for mental health. And we added in some things of beauty, with words of comfort and strength because that’s needed too.

We hope that Grief & co makes a difference to the ongoing experience that is grief. That it helps smooth some of the unknown of this. We wish you weren’t here.
Jennie, Hayley and Chantelle