"grief sucks" - everyone ever
member of the ugly cry club
I didn’t order lemons.... yet here they are
some pain-ease for my main-squeeze
Knowing how we can help others in times of grief is hard

If you recently joined the uncool grief club that you can’t unsubscribe from or someone you love has, know that Grief & Co are here. A bath soap just doesn’t cut it when you're ugly crying all day & there are so many unknowns. Nothing we say will make it any better, so we've curated a collection of purposeful gifts and timeless keepsakes to show someone you love that you are standing by them when they need it most. A shop, a safe space, a community for those of us who have loved and lost.

Books, Prints, Journal and more

Books, Prints, Journal and more

Helpful Self Care

Helpful Self Care

Meaningful Jewellery

Meaningful Jewellery


From our customers

Thank you for having a business to support people who are grieving. So grateful.


Appreciate your help and love that I can send something a little more meaningful than flowers


Beautiful shop -
Executed beautifully

Grief can be tricky and awkward

Which is exactly why Chantelle wrote 'In your own time'

A guide, a companion, a journal for when everything feels impossible. Curated for those moving through the waves of grief. It offers words of solace and validation. It's a place for thoughts and feelings to spill out into a safe and personal space. It includes activities, words of wisdom from others who are experiencing loss, a place to reflect and remember. Grief is ongoing, this journal was created for them to do in their own time, open it, write a little, cry a lot and come back again later.


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