The Unexpected Dinner Guest - When grief drops in

The Unexpected Dinner Guest - When grief drops in


You know that moment when grief taps you on the shoulder and asks to join you for dinner? You feel a bit shocked; you haven’t prepared enough food to cater for such an unexpected visitor. We all get that right?


We are aware, that grief doesn’t up and disappear but sometimes when we least expect it, it pops in and stays for a while. For what feels like the most obscure of reasons. When we are minding our own business, doing the washing, or driving to work. A friendly reminder that we are human, that we feel and that it’s ok to not always have it together.


Last week, my grief paid a visit, and I didn’t realise it at the time. Someone I don’t know, lost a friend that I had never met. Someone else lost someone they love, and my mind went to their family, their friends and them in that moment. How someone who seemed so vibrant could be so lost. I felt such sadness for the loss of a woman I had never met. Was it grief, was it empathy, or was it both?


I shared once that I was inconsolable when my cat passed away and was so unsure why it affected me so much. Sure, I loved the cat, but this much? Then I was reminded of a very soothing analogy. Grief is like filling up a backpack, you throw in some breakups, a loss, that time you lost your favourite earrings and then the cat. Well, for me, she just tipped it right over and I couldn’t carry it anymore.


This is your friendly reminder, to check in with yourself, with those you love. You never know when an unexpected dinner guest will pay a visit.



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