Don't just send sympathy flowers...check in, send a meaningful sympathy gift

Don't just send sympathy flowers...check in, send a meaningful sympathy gift
When you get a message to say that someone you love, has lost someone they love, what is the most common thing you go to purchase? If you google sympathy gifts what is something that always comes up in the results?
Now we have absolutely nothing against flowers, they can say so many things, in the case of a sympathy gift, they say “I am thinking of you”, in fact usually the card also says this. Gestures like this are very much needed. But have you ever thought about the fact that flowers last about 10 days and then that sympathy gift, reminds them of the death they are grieving? They may end up with a table full of slowly wilting flowers.
While flowers as a sympathy gift can say “I am thinking of you” they can also say “I don’t know what to say, so I sent you flowers”. And so often flowers are not followed up with a call or check in later. But the reality is grief lasts much longer than a bunch of flowers, it lasts forever in all its varying shapes and sizes.
When we created Grief & co, we had one mission, it was to educate as many people as we could that meaningful sympathy gifts go a long way to supporting the ongoing that is grief. When our lives go back to normal after a funeral or when we hit pay at the checkout of an online flower delivery company, the lives of those who have lost someone do not. In fact they are at the very beginning of it all.
Please, buy the flowers, drop off the lasagne, but also have a think what else might support them in the coming weeks, months and years after loss.
“Meaningful sympathy gifts” is our middle name. Take a look at our collection here or click on the blog all about other options for meaningful sympathy gifts you can purchase from other vendors.
Thank you, on behalf of someone you love.